Posted by Don Glover on Jun 28, 2019
Thank You For Your Service To Our Club And Community ...
Jim Hyldahl Rotarian Of The Year 2018-2019 as Presented by Past President Don Glover
Jim Hyldahl's 22+ years of service highlights to The Rotary Club of Rancho Bernardo and our community:
  • Member of RBRotary since July 1997 (22 years)
  • Paul Harris Society, Major Donor, & Bequest Society Member i.e. A Triple Crown Donor
  • Has attended 4 Rotary International Conventions
  • Served Several Years on the Club Foundation Board & Foundation Past President
  • Club President 2004-2005
  • Speaker Chair Several Times
  • Served Food at Ronald McDonald House too many times to count
  • Always participates in RAW Day
  • Membership Chair 2014-2015 – inducted 12 new members, 
  •          i.e. “the Dirty Dozen”
  • Hosted several TGIX Functions at his/their home & hardly ever misses a TGIX function
  • Hosted Holiday Party
  • Hosted Music Camp Students End of Season Pool Party for at least 8 years and maybe 10 years
  • Provided vehicle and drove RBRotary President in July 4th Parade
  • Assisted with VIP area at STOF several years and last year even after having leg surgery and is scheduled assist again this year
  • This year took on Community Service with renewed vigor – Seven Oaks 
  •          “Community Clean Up Day” twice, Instituted Neighbor Watch sign Installations twice, hauled food up to Interfaith, etc.
  • Set the standard for the  “Speaker Book Presenter”
My Sponsor, unofficial mentor and very special friend – Jim Hyldahl