Serving Those That Served Us ...
Speaking of helping others, we had an extremely successful project this past Saturday November 12, 2016 where many, many Rotarians met at Interfaith in Escondido to serve a brunch to retired and/or homeless Vets on Veterans Day.  
We had people shop for food, make dishes or buy food.  We met at 10 a.m. to set up the area and start cooking.  Forty meals were delivered to another area where veterans were being treated in a rehab hospital.  
We served about 25 vets at our location and Joe Gandelman showed up with his  "puppet" and entertained all the men with his ventriloquism  show.  (It's a real word cuz I looked it up!)  
Thanks to all who came to help.  We had more food and more people than we needed, but it felt good to help out the less fortunate and Interfaith never lets anything go to waste.  It was much appreciated.