Our Annual "Rotarians at Work" project was this past Saturday, April 30th at BOYS & GIRLS CLUB of 4S Ranch, located at: 16118 4S Ranch Pkwy. This project was exciting. RB Rotarians turn a nice size storage room (filled with "Stuff" from the floor to the ceiling - almost!) into a Children's Playroom. It was fun and rewarding to see the end result!

What an Awesome Team! To all of You who participated in our Rotarians at Work project,
yesterday, many thanks!!
Special Thanks to our Miss's RB girls and Karen. Young ladies did not stop working, and Karen saved men pushing heavy trash containers. They just could not move them. Karen, feeling bad for "four of them", joined them. As soon as she did, containers were running😀!!
Thanks, again!
Have a good one, everybody.
ROTARIANS AT WORK DAY was a big success.  Eighteen Rotarians met at the Boy's and Girl's Club of 4S Ranch at 9 a.m. on Sat. and cleared out a large storage room to make way for their first Teen Club meeting area.  We filled 1 1/2 dumpster's, sorted and folded a large number of shirts and uniforms and had piles of old paper work that will be shredded.  They also had 50 to 75 chairs they couldn't use so the Salvation Army was coming by to pick those up.  We moved filing cabinets, a ping pong table and two small practice basketball backstops to make way for the new Teen Center.  Many people and groups benefited from our efforts and it was such a good feeling to help them out!
Please check out additional photos here: http://www.rbrotary.org/PhotoAlbums/rotarians-at-work-2016