Posted by Mike Fuqua on May 04, 2019
What did you do with your Saturday? Shopping? Sports? Picnic? Cleaning house? All good but ... 
A bunch of Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Rancho Bernardo were out living our motto..."Service Above Self". It was ROTARIANS AT WORK DAY for us and we held a Community Cleanup Day at the Seven Oaks retirement community in Rancho Bernardo.
About 30 of us plus some students from Del Norte High School spent 4 hours collecting junk from homeowners as well as electronic waste and paper for shredding. We had over 400 cars and about 12,000 pounds of their old throw away's plus several of our members visited those who weren't up to bringing their stuff and brought it to the dump site.
Thanks to our Councilman and member, Mark Kersey, we were able to team with EDCO who did a great job and hauled all the junk away. We also had St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop and Interfaith Community Center stop by to take away the usable material.
While many of us were handling the junk, several teams went into the community and replaced old, faded and beat up "Neighborhood Watch" signs which were sorely needed. Big kudos to Jim Hyldahl, Alan Turner and Vern Cook for spearheading this effort. This is just a sample of the great work Rotary does for the community and the fun we have while doing it. Come join us!