Posted by Mike Fuqua on Nov 10, 2018
Veteran's Day tribute and Emotional Intelligence
Our meeting last week began with an inspirational moment to remember. Our devoted member, Alex Robertson related the story of his grandfather's exploits in WWI, his father's exploits in WWII and showed some medals earned by both. It was quite fitting for the upcoming Veteran's Day celebration. Our finemaster, John O'Neill was back in rare form and we collected quite a bit of financial support to our Foundation. President Doug was celebrating 49 years of marriage to Jess and gave $49 to the pot. Very generous (and smart) Doug! Arilla St Laurent returned from several weeks absent as she experienced heart surgery and appeared to be as fit as ever. Our guest speaker, Dr Debra Dupree provided an interesting and insightful presentaion on "Emotional Intelligence". Her extensive experience in helping people to overcome challenges provided for some great insights into explaining behavior. She also made some very interesting observations regarding brain function and activity and behavior.