Posted by Mike Fuqua on Feb 28, 2019
Four-Way Speech
Last week in addition to all of the great things we normally do, we were so happy to host our annual "Four-Way Speech" Contest. Three students from Rancho Bernardo High School gave 5 to 7 minute speeches based on our Four-Way Test. If you aren't familiar with the Four-Way test, look it up. It truly is a credo that you could guide your life. These high school students were just so impressive and I can comfortably say that everyone in the room was blown away by their maturity, wisdom and vision. These kids are going places and we're so happy to be a part of their journey. Russ Haskell was the coordinator for the contest and did a fantastic job. We also took some time to honor our own Mike and Karen Stelman for achieving "Major Donor" status time 3! In case you're counting, that is $50,000 donated to our own Rotary Foundation, one of the premier charity organizations in the world. We also presented a Rotary Club of Rancho Bernardo Foundation grant to the San Diego Boys and Girls Club, another very worthy recipient. Finally, we received a report from Jim Hyldahl on the upcoming Seven Oaks Clean-up Day on May 4. This is the second annual cleanup and we're expecting another outstanding success! As is usual, another great meeting that was inspirational and made us all proud to be Rotarians. If you want to feel good, make a difference, be an inspiration and have a ton of fun, join us any Thursday for lunch.