Posted by Bill Brehm on Dec 04, 2021
Mike Stelman, project chairman, said this sale raised about $8000 to support our local military.
Rotary Club of Rancho Bernardo Members Felix Luciano, Cathy Glover, Marybeth Doss, Tom Kapocius, Mike Stelman, and Diane Remick volunteering to help distribute 150 boxes of Poinsettias for our annual Fundraiser to support the Military.  This effort was based out of the Bernardo Heights Country Club parking lot early Saturday December 4.  
Saturday December 4, Bernardo Heights Country Club parking lot,  Rancho Bernardo Rotarian Felix Luciano is loading up one of the 150 cases of poinsettias sold for this years fundraiser to support the Military.
The club supplies decorative swords to the non-commissioned Marine officers and health and comfort packages for military members arriving back in San Diego after deployment.